We offer custom gamification
solutions that meets your specific needs.

With years experience in the Software and Gamification industry, we will build
interactive material to capture your clients or improve employee productivity

  • Productivity
  • Client Engagement
  • Custom Solutions


Get your new employees exited about doing there onboarding by giving them a electronic reward for the onboarding tasks they complete.

Make your clients
come back

We can provide you with an social app that will reward your clients electronically for every visit. Customers love this type of interaction.

Make learning
fun again

Gamification is a perfect way to teach people new things. From a very young age, people respond to rewards. We can create an application that will be able to teach your employees or students by reward.

What is gamification

Gamification is the process of taking modain daily task and convert them into a
interactive solution making these tasks become much more attractive. Please see the 10 reasons why to gamify your business

  • Employees

    One of the biggest benefits of gamification is that it is a great way to communicate to employees what is expected of them next. Gamification helps employees determine what the best next action is

  • Objectivity

    As gamification is a transition to constant and automatic data collection, many organizations use this data to paint an objective picture of how they are actually doing. These organizations often realize how far from reality there business predictions was.

  • Training

    Millennials rank training and learning as the most important benefit a workplace can offer. Orginizations now use eLearning platforms that are cost effective, and that can be integrated in to other aspects of work. Through different mechanics such as quizzes and simulations, this type of learning is also more engaging and more enjoyable

  • Make Managers' Lives Easier

    Managers can use objective data to see in an unbiased and objective way, how their different employees are performing. It is amazing to see how much data in performance reviews is not objective.

  • Clients

    Capture your clients by giving them more rewards without affecting your budget to much. People love to have fun and compete against each other. Gamification gives your clients a reason to use your business in the future.

  • Deep Learning Predictions

    With enough data, we will be able to predict when your employees or clients becomes disintrested. By dealing with the customer at this stage, you can prevent a client walking away from your company.

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